Outrun the Moon

Tragedy can give the pot a good shake, not only causing the good bits in us to float to the surface, but the nasty bits, too. Maybe it’s better to skim off the nasty parts and let them go. I read Stacey Lee’s Under a Painted Sky and found it extremely entertaining and well-written, so… Read More Outrun the Moon


The Loose Ends List

I was really looking forward to The Loose Ends List because I absolutely adore books set on cruises, but, unfortunately, it failed to live up to my expectations. 17-year-old Maddie’s fantasy of a perfect summer break is shattered when her grandmother suddenly announces she has cancer. And, instead of getting treatment, her grandmother has decided… Read More The Loose Ends List


A Little in Love

And perhaps I live too and always will, for love is the strongest thing of all—and love never dies, never dies. A Little in Love is a retelling of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables from the perspective of Eponine. The result is an emotional and beautifully written novel that will stay with you long after you… Read More A Little in Love



Ruined is a strong start to what is sure to be an amazing trilogy. Tintera manages to have just the right balance of action, romance, and revenge to keep you glued to the pages. For the past year, Em has been planning and preparing for the moment when she can get her revenge against the… Read More Ruined


Morally Gray Villains

Mishma over at Chasing Faerytales has put together a blog tour about…villains! My prompt for this tour is about morally gray villains. Why morally gray villains are better than regular villains: No one person is completely “evil”, and no one person is completely “good.” Most novels and films forget this basic piece of human nature and… Read More Morally Gray Villains


Front Lines

Hate. The word alone made Rio queasy. How do you hate someone you’ve never met? Weren’t the Germans just soldiers doing what they were supposed to do? How could she kill someone like that? Front Lines takes a unique and eye-opening perspective on World War Two – the likes of which I haven’t ever before… Read More Front Lines