Morally Gray Villains

Mishma over at Chasing Faerytales has put together a blog tour about…villains!┬áMy prompt for this tour is about morally gray villains. Why morally gray villains are better than regular villains: No one person is completely “evil”, and no one person is completely “good.” Most novels and films forget this basic piece of human nature and… Read More Morally Gray Villains


Front Lines

Hate. The word alone made Rio queasy. How do you hate someone you’ve never met? Weren’t the Germans just soldiers doing what they were supposed to do? How could she kill someone like that? Front Lines takes a unique and eye-opening perspective on World War Two – the likes of which I haven’t ever before… Read More Front Lines


Salt to the Sea

While I didn’t quite enjoy this as much as Ruta Sepetys’ debut novel Between Shades of Gray, I still found Salt to the Sea to be an informative and emotional story about one of history’s biggest maritime tragedies. Torpedo strike: Approximately 9:15 pm Passengers on Board: 10,573. Lifeboats: 22. But then I remembered: 10 of… Read More Salt to the Sea



Passenger has an amazing premise, but, unfortunately the execution – the writing specifically – just isn’t up to par with the creative concept. Etta Spencer is about to make her debut as a professional violinist when suddenly she is transported back in time. She learns that a secret time travel organization is holding her mother… Read More Passenger


Glass Sword

While I was ambivalent about Red Queen, I was curious to see if Victoria Aveyard was able to redeem herself with this sequel. Unfortunately, Glass Sword does nothing except solidify my confusion about why this series is so popular. Glass Sword begins right where Red Queen left off: Mare and Cal have been saved from… Read More Glass Sword

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